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The Energy Link is a marketing vehicle for energy  trainers and energy related assessment centres. The fees you pay for training or assessment are to be paid direct to the trainers or the assessment centre(s) we select for you. The Energy Link is no way responsible for the training or assessments provided.

Course fees

All course fees for training are payable at the time of booking to the trainer direct. It is taken that candidates have enrolled on the course as soon as payment is made or a purchase order has been raised. A verification email that you agree to the terms and conditions is electronically generated to us when you the candidate create a username and password within the members training area. Course fees are strictly non refundable. Course fees paid by credit card will be subject to a 2% surcharge if this service is available

Course charges:

Course fees will be advertised on our website. Courses advertised * will be subject to assessment and registration fees, currently priced at £550.00 but are subject to change. This fee is payable separately and in addition to training fees. Group courses and one to one training fees will be priced on application.

Use of  content:

Candidates are not permitted to replicate copy or share the training material without the written consent of the training provider.

Portfolio submissions:

Your dedicated training provider will inform you where to send portfolio work to. All portfolio work (electric copy or hard copy) must be sent to the assessment centre direct, and not to the Energy Link or the trainer unless written instruction is issued. Full address details of the assessment centre will be issued upon completion of portfolio work. Portfolio submissions must be sent to the assessment centre within 3 months of the candidate commencing training otherwise the assessment centre has the right to discontinue any further support with the candidate and deem that the candidate has no interest to finish the coursework.

Contacting us:

For enquiries please contact: info@theenergylink.co.uk

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All course fees have a separate enrolment and portfolio assessment fee: All courses are subject to our terms and conditions.